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About SRS

In 2008 David and Stacie Stephenson founded Solar Reflections, specializing in residential and commercial window tinting and security film, working out of an office from home. Within a short year, we grew into an office on Hwy 280 with 5 employees, serving the southeast and being recognized nationally as one of the best commercial and residential window tinting companies in the southeast.


It had been nearly 14 years since I had my car's windows tinted. In the time that had passed, the tint had began to bubble up, looking awful. The previous company I had used would not answer their phone and through a simple Google search, I came upon SRS.Working with Dave and his team was a joy. Even driving an 'oldish' car, they treated me like I was driving a new Mercedes. They explained everything clearly and helped me explore the various options that I could go with. Typically this is an upsell type situation with good/better/best, but Dave's guys were not about selling, they were about educating.They laid out the plan and I signed off. The work took a full day and I could not have been more pleased. They did an excellent job, removing all of the old tint and replacing it. My car looked so much better and the crew even hung out a little after their closing time, to make sure I could get my car back.In a world where we're so quick to criticize, I have nothing but good things to say about Dave and his team. You won't regret using them, they'll make you absolutely comfortable and at no point will you feel like you're being sold to, which is a breadth of fresh air.Good job guys, thanks again!
My wife were sitting at Pappas Grill eating lunch and their ad came up. We told our son about it and he used them to help his work trucks and koves them. They do great work.
I've had 5 vehicles tinted by these guys. They do great work, and even better they stand behind it.If you're on the fence about the cost of ceramic, just do it. You live in the south, it'll be worth it.
I had my windows tinted here and they are great! I also had my logo made into a vinyl sticker for my back window. It is all great quality, the staff is great to work with and it was such an easy process!
Absolutely the most outstanding service I’ve ever received. Its also run by honest people that do excellent work. I will recommend them to anyone when window tinting is a topic. 11/10 above and beyond expectations.
Solar Reflections removed existing old / no longer functional window film with new (and improved) window film. They did a great job.
These guys are awesome. Great products, professional service. Highly recommend! A+++
The staff was professional and completed the job in a timely manner. We checked with several services in the BIrmingham area prior to choosing Solar Reflections. My husband and I are well pleased our decision to use Solar Reflections Services
The window treatments have proven to be effective in controlling the heat and sun damage to furniture and fabrics.
Very professional service and friendly.
We had Solar Reflections install heat control window tinted film to our large south facing kitchen windows and couldn't be happier. This was installed 17 months ago and our kitchen is cooler and our a/c bills are noticeably lower. The tint is slightly darker and hardly noticeable. The installation was done perfectly (you cannot tell the windows have been tinted) and have held up well with no bubbles, pealing, nor fading. I highly recommend Solar Reflections!
We used there product on our exterior tables at Grand Bohemian Hotel. The result were excellent.
I have used Solar Reflections on multiple occasions at our business and have been totally satisfied with the service I have received. Service and cost were exactly as advertised. Would definitely recommend!
Great people who do very good work and care about client satisfaction. The product they sell is top notch. Highly recommend!
They helped install frosting / tint on the windows of our front door for privacy. Three years later still looks great, no issues. Would recommend!

Our Vendors


Sunlight reflected off of cars, water, and other buildings can be a major problem in commercial facilities. ...

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We love this custom decorative window film. It adds privacy and style to this entry space. 👌 ...

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Vehicle tint protects your passengers from damaging UV rays. ☀️ ...

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We love the subtle statement. 🇺🇸 ...

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We’ll help you choose an ideal vehicle wrap suited to your budget and business goals. 📲(205) 831-4159 ...

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Installing our residential tint to this beautiful home today. ...

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With the hot Alabama sun, everyone could use better temperature control within their vehicle. Our window tinting films are a great solution to block the heat. ...

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We can help you reach your audience and accomplish your unique business goals with high-quality, affordable, and high-end graphics. ...

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Our high-performance select series films lower the sun-drenched windows’ temperature with very low light reflection and an elegant natural look, making it the preferred choice of Architects, Engineers, and Designers. ...

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We offer three unique levels of vehicle tinting and protection:
🔅Color Stable Series – blocks 30%of the heat
🔅Single Air Ceramic –blocks 50% of the heat
🔅3 Layer Ceramic – blocks 85 – 90% of the heat

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Vehicle tint protects yourself, your passengers, and your vehicle interior from the sun’s hazardous rays. ...

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Improve your comfort and increase HVAC efficiency with our window tinting films.

📲(205) 831-4159

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Our vehicle tint effectively blocks 99.9% of harmful effects from the sun. ...

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We can help keep your home cooler during the summer without having to block your views with blinds or curtains. Ask us about our residential tint options. 📲(205) 831-4159 ...

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How about these racing stripes? 😏 We love them! If you have an idea for a stripe kit, we've got you. ...

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We are working hard to get these Birmingham homes ready for the summer sun! ☀️ Residential tint works wonders for reducing heat and sun glare within your home. ...

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Window tint increases your vehicle's privacy. Let's make it more difficult for people to see valuables left inside your car. Schedule your auto tint today. 📲(205) 831-4159 ...

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We just hooked up @innerlast with another sticker kit. Thanks, guys! ...

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Did you know? Window tint can provide a more even temperature throughout your home. ...

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