Commercial Window Tinting Done the Right Way

From restaurants, banks, retail shops, professional offices, dealerships, churches to hospitals, SRS offers a complete line of commercial tinting films to help solve your energy efficiency needs. We can provide you a complete analysis of your facility. We offer energy modeling measurement & verification through data logging and return on investment calculations so you can make the best choice to fit your needs and budget. We have an extensive list of case studies that will assure you that we are the right choice to improve your facility’s energy efficiency.

SRS window tinting films can significantly reduce temperature imbalances caused by sunlight streaming through windows. This will greatly improve your comfort while increasing HVAC efficiency and lowering energy costs. Our high-performance select series films lower the sun-drenched windows’ temperature with very low light reflection and an elegant natural look, making it the preferred choice of Architects, Engineers, and Designers.

Unsurpassed Durability. Our Huper Optik patented window tinting films are the toughest window tinting films produced. They stand up to the demands needed in commercial settings. Cleaning is a breeze, and glass cleaners won’t damage it. Our films are so durable they are the choice of the US Coast Guard and Royal Caribbean Cruise lines. They hold their own in the harsh environments as these vessels have operated in.

Sunlight reflected off of cars, water, and other buildings can be a major problem in commercial facilities. Glare on computer screens and instruments can lower productivity, and bright light is a major cause of eye strain that can lead to headaches and even eye damage. Our window films reduce glare and reject 99.9% Of UV Light.

Every year, thousands of dollars are spent replacing and or refinishing floors, furnishings, and window treatments due to sun damage. Our Huper Optik films help protect your floors and furnishings from the suns damaging UV rays.

Glass surrounds us daily. Our security glass systems can protect you from the hazards associated with glass. A locked glass door is only as strong as the glass it contains. Glass was the weak link…until now. Our forced entry films are a perfect addition to any controlled entrance with glass, which can buy needed time in a crisis.

Our factory-trained staff of experienced installers ensures a clean, safe, and quick installation with little to no disruption to your daily routine. SRS is fully licensed and insured with workers comp for your protection.

Decorative Films and Graphics

Change The Way The World See’s You

Our decorative films come in a wide variety of colors and patterns that can be customized to your specifications. They are easily removed, replaced, or changed. We offer 3D printing capabilities and are limited only by your imagination. All of our films come with warranties and we guarantee all Installations 100%.

Our privacy Films are used in offices and conference rooms and are customizable:

  • Window Perf and signage

  • Turn any window into advertising

  • Give any window that etched look with our frosted etch film

  • Stained glass films

All of our films are easily removed or replaced and provide the following.

  • Lower Utility Bills

  • Reduce Glare

  • Control Fading

  • Improve Safety

  • Easy Installation

Safety and Security

We Know Security Glass

Better Than Anyone

Our security glass system is the ONLY scientifically tested and commercially proven nanotechnology system to dramatically increase the strength, safety, and protection levels of glass and window film products in occurrences of severe storms, bomb blast, forced entry, and ballistic threat environments.

We have the most technologically advanced security film system available for glass.

Glass Strength

In accordance with the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM C-1499), both independent research laboratories in Houston, Texas including Rice University and NanoRidge Materials Inc., concluded our security glass system has been certified to significantly increase the strength properties of glass.

Smash & Grab

Our Security Glass System has been validated to protect against forced entry by Stork Laboratories, an independent certified research laboratory in Woburn, MA in accordance with Consumer Product & Safety Commission (CPSC 1201.4 Impact Test).

Severe Weather

Our security glass system has also been validated to increase safety and protection levels in the event of severe windstorms by the Miami-Dade Hurricane Testing Center, one of only two approved facilities for Hurricane testing in the United States, in accordance with American Society for Testing and Materials.

Bomb Blast

Our Security Glass System has been validated to protect against the effects of improvised explosive devices by ABS Consulting, an independent certified research laboratory in San Antonio, Texas, in accordance with U.S General Services Administration (ASTM F1642-04) and U.S General Services Administration (GSA TS01-2003).

Ballistics - Level IIA

Our Security Glass System has been validated to protect against 9mm and .357 Magnum caliber munitions by H.P White Laboratories, an independent certified research laboratory in Gaithersburg, Maryland in accordance with National Institute of Justice (NIJ-STD-Level IIA).

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