What is C-BOND NanoShield™?

C-Bond NanoShield™ is a patent-protected, multi-purpose glass strengthener and water-repellant solution designed to provide effective windshield protection. It significantly decreases windshield damage from chipping and cracking. NanoShield™ is also designed to improve driver visibility and reaction time in wet weather conditions.

How Does it Work?

C-Bond is a “smart solution” engineered to enable glass material to dissipate energy by permeating the glass surface and identifying inherent microscopic flaws and defects that are a natural part of every glass surface and weaken the glass composite structure, initiating failure.

C-Bond’s proprietary technology covalently bonds to and repairs the identified surface imperfections, dramatically increasing the mechanical performance properties of the glass unit while maintaining original glass design integrity.

Benefits and Features

  • UNRIVALED Windshield Safety and Performance
  • Decreases Windshield Damage from Chips and Cracks up to 80%
  • Improves Windshield Visibility
  • Improves Driver Reaction Time
  • Full Money Back Guarantee
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We also provide a 12-month warranty – or 50K miles on personal vehicles (non-fleet) that can be reinstated after examination and re-application. Contact us today to learn more about windshield protection.