The financial, environmental and material benefits of increasing the energy efficiency of  your windows with a true ceramic window film

Downtown Condo With Huper optik Drei
Downtown Condo with Huper Optik Drei

If you have ever had to replace old or damaged windows, you know that the process itself is far from a breeze. Installing new windows makes for messy work, and requires homeowners to either put in hours of meticulous work or pay a substantial amount of money hiring professionals. Using energy-efficient window films which typically cost 50-75% less than even standard replacement windows can make the entire experience less costly, time consuming and messy.

If your existing windows are otherwise structurally sound a window film can out perform most technologies found in today’s “energy efficient” replacement windows for around a quarter of the cost.

Still, despite the added expense of a window film there are numerous advantages to choosing energy-efficient window film over total window replacement . Here are just some of the best reasons to consider purchasing energy efficient window film for your existing windows instead of replacement windows for your home.

Money savings

The initial cost of energy-efficient window film is less than that of standard windows, it is an investment that pays dividends later on down the road. Simply put, energy-efficient ceramic window films will save you money on your heating and cooling bills. American homes in the “Northern Zone” (mostly states above the Mason-Dixon line) save $366 (22%) a year on average when adding a window film to  single-pane windows. In the South, average annual savings are  as high as 31%. These savings can be even be higher if your window to wall ratio is higher. In other words the more glass exposure the more window film can save you.

Environmentally Friendly 

If you are concerned about your personal impact on the environment, then you may want to seriously consider upgrading the energy efficiency of your windows. Home energy use typically accounts for a full quarter of your personal carbon footprint, which measures the amount of carbon dioxide emissions caused by one’s activities. Typical homes that use window film to upgrade the energy efficiency of their doors and skylights can reduce their annual carbon footprint by 1,006 to 6,205 pounds of carbon dioxide. That is the equivalent of 51 to 317 gallons of gasoline. So if you are looking for ways to make your life more eco-friendly, adding a quality window film to your homes windows can be as significant as switching to a more fuel-efficient car. Another benefit of upgrading your existing windows with a window film unlike replacing them your existing windows won’t end up in a landfill thus reducing the impact on the environment.

Increased protection from broken glass and sun damage

In addition to reducing your carbon output and your energy bills, energy-efficient window films also provide some peace and mind. One fringe benefit of a high quality window film is added glass strength. A quality window film can add as much as 30,000 lbs tensile strength holding broken shards of glass together preventing them from becoming dangerous daggers that can injure or even kill.

Furnishings inside your home will also receive enhanced Sun protection with the use of a quality window film on your windows. Quality window films block out the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays, meaning your rugs, carpets, wood, fabrics and furniture are safer from sunlight that streams through your glass. Since the films block up to 99.9% of UV rays, you won’t experience accelerated Sun fading or deterioration on your home furnishings, flooring or accessories.

With so many potential benefits for your wallet, your possessions and for the environment at large, there are many reasons to seriously consider upgrading to energy-efficient film for your windows.