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Not all window films are created equal.

Our Huper Optik Films:

  • Are the 1st patented nano-ceramic window film
  • Have 3X more infrared rejection
  • Are 4X less reflective
  • Are 13 degrees Celsius (55 degrees Fahrenheit) cooler
  • are 25X more durable than other films


Select Series window tinting products are built with only the best materials to provide the highest performance, best optical quality and durability. There are simply no other products produced in the world that even come close to its looks and performance.  Our Select series films are the highest performing non-reflective window tinting films in the world. Our Select Series films are a favorite choice of our customers who suffer from immense heat and glare with Sun fading but require a natural look with very low light reflection. This film on average can reduce heat from the Sun 12-15 degrees making it an excellent choice when considering a window tint with an elegant look that will dramatically reduce heat. Select series films are 100% dye free so there no chance they will discolor or turn purple.

Ceramic Series film is The first and only patented Nano-Ceramic window film available. Researchers developed an advancement in high performance coatings through Nano-Ceramic technology. This advancement stunned the industry and allowed Hüper Optik to patent its technology in 1998. By using advanced Ceramics with Spectrally Selective technology, Hüper Optik  was the first and only patented Nano-Ceramic Window film available. These films do not interfere with electronic devices such as wi-fi or celluar service. Our Ceramic series films offer superior durability and performance. The Ceramic series films are dye and metal free ensuring they will not fade or corrode even the harshest environments.

 Therm-X Series films use a proprietary blend of metals to create the highest performance films in their class while allowing a high amount of visible light. The Therm-X technologies create a more comfortable environment while reducing HVAC consumption. These technologies provide privacy, high heat rejection, high light transmission and great return on investment, while providing a 15 year commercial and lifetime residential warranty that will give you peace of mind.

Fusion Series films use a fusion of technologies of performance, aesthetics, neutral tones, and sustainability: providing the advantages of affordability and high heat rejection. Fusion Films deliver privacy, comfort and energy efficiency year round: reducing high energy bills, preventing temperature variances and hot spots, and rejecting infrared and ultraviolet light rays.

Traditional Series films provide energy-saving performance for commercial and residential consumers looking for reflective film properties. These films technology has been around for years and offer great returns on investment. They tend to be highly reflective and have a wide variety of applications.

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