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From just a few panes to a few hundred. When considering a window tinting company to hire a few things are at the top of the list. Not necessarily in this order as most are equally important

Does the company have a license? Insurance?

A reputable company will have all the necessary documents to conduct business. If they lack a license to do business in your area they could be subject to having to stop working on a project until all licensing are obtained. Not to mention they may not report the tax, no one likes to pay tax however its money that ultimately finds its way back into the community for improvements.  Companies should have insurance coverage to protect you should something happen while they are on your property. You could be held liable if an accident happens on your property should you hire companies without insurance. Make sure the company you hire carries liability and workers compensation insurance. This insures property and people on the job.


How long has the company been around? What experience do the employees have. With all the different window tinting products available and the many different types and styles of glass today. Without a good understanding of how these films work with certain types of glass you could be setting yourself up for disaster. Broken glass and failed seals due to high absorption are a likely occurrence with the wrong film to glass application. Make sure the company uses a manufacturer that warrants against this when the approved film is used.


Does the company provide references? Make sure if they do that you follow up on those. There is nothing like a word of mouth reference to help make your decision. Check reviews on internet sites and social media. See what others say about doing business with a certain company.

What types of products do they offer?

There are many different types and kinds of window tinting to choose from today. Make sure you are using a company that uses a product that has a proven track record and that the product was intended for use on your particular type and style of glass.

Does the company provide manufacturer sample cards?

All reputable companies provide customers with manufactures sample cards not just random pieces of film. These sample cards provide a piece of the actual film itself with its performance numbers and a brief description of what the film is made of.

Does the manufacturer recognize the company as an authorized installer of their products?

 With everything becoming available on the internet today people can get their hands on products they do not have the authorization or proper training to install. Most manufactures have and will provide a list of qualified companies in your area to sell and install their products. This is important should you ever have a warranty claim. 


While most manufacturers warranty cover the actual product its usually up to the installing company to guarantee a smooth clean installation. Make sure the company your considering provides a guarantee in writing and that you understand what that guarantee covers.





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