The window film industry has many options for all sorts of businesses. The medical field in particular can gain a huge advantage with these products. Everything from the custom etching for brand reinforcement to the frosted security applied to an interior office. The options are limitless!


Personalizing Your Window Film to Meet Your Medical Office Needs


Window films offer a wide variety of customizing choices. They range from transparent films to colored designs, depending on what fits your location and building. With a creative decorative window design solution, you can set a scene or broadcast a representation of your company’s brand. Some options include frosted and etched glass treatments, fresh designs, colored tinting, and even industry relevant images. Choose from a variety of custom color combinations, stylized designs and more with our expert design team. We look forward to working with you!


Starting Your Personalized Package


The process to find the right decorative window film package begins with an in-depth consultation to assess the specific marketing goals, location, and aesthetic of your business. Once we have your needs in line, our professionals will share several options to meet these needs had on. Once a choice is made our team will begin the installation process. Our installation methods ensure long lasting productivity and weather resistant wear. The window films that we use for decorative purposes are supplied by Huper Optik. These window films can provide less than four years return on investment. Not only do they offer successful marketing exposure, they can reduce solar heat and radiation, lower cooling costs, and assist in temperature regulation. Make your patients as comfortable as possible while implementing a powerful visual statement.


Photos: Examples Share Results


In the image above you see a completed installation for a decorative window film. This is an example to show you the advantages of these custom glass solutions. With the right decorative window film package, your medical building can achieve greater advertising heights!


Our Mission is Your Window Film Success


Our company works hard to provide each client with a high-end custom window film package that fully needs their window treatment needs. This includes more than just the premium products that are offered.  This also includes superior service standards with design, installation, and maintenance. In addition to our decorative films, we also offer films for residential, office, commercial, and automotive use. We invite you to join us at our shop today to discuss the many options available for your specific window film needs. We look forward to starting you on your next custom glass solution adventure!


Written by: Solar Reflections LLC – Birmingham, Alabama