Unless you live in a cave, we have all seen or passed through a controlled entrance. Controlled entrance is becoming more and more popular in businesses, schools, churches and general office settings to try and control who has access. Some controlled entrances have buttons that an operator controls the lock, others have a scanner to allow people with cards or keyfobs to enter at will.

The problem with some if not most of these entrances is they are glass. Glass in and of itself is very weak when compared to metal or wood. Building codes require doors and other windows that are floor level to be tempered glass. Tempered glass is basically heat strengthened glass that when put under a certain amount of stress shatters in small pieces. This makes these entrances very vulnerable when attacked. The glass in these doors and adjacent windows are no match for a would be intruder with a solid object like a hammer, metal pipe, crowbar, a $6 knife with a glass break button, much less a gun. This is where security film can beneficial to help protect against unwanted entry and slow an intruder that would otherwise enter through the glass in no time.

         Security film stops thief 

Security film when used as a forced entry product along with an approved attachment system works great when used as an addition to a security system. This film has the ability to significantly reduce the time it takes to enter through a piece of glass thus giving time for first responders to arrive or occupants to move to a safer environment.  Security films come in clear and tinted versions for solar control and privacy.