Birmingham, Al -Safety and Security Films for schools and businesses

Recent concerns about security in schools, churches and businesses has brought a lot of attention to security films. Security films are great deterrent to smash and grad, forced entry, bomb mitigation and even in the right situation ballistics.

No security films are not totally impenetrable however they can be a great deterrent when installed properly with a proper attachment system.

Attachment systems range from structural adhesives, vinyl with high bond adhesives and cable systems. The attachment system is a critical part of the whole security window system.

Security films range in thicknesses from 4mill-21mill . 4mill security films are more for holding glass together in the event of breakage. 8mill security films are more for smash and grab incidents where there is limited time for access and escape.  10mil films are for bomb mitigation and severe weather. 12mill -15mill and higher films are better suited for forced entry when a longer duration of time is needed for someone to actually pass through a glass system or ballistics are concerned. It is important to note that some films preform better at lesser thicknesses with certain types of glass.

Solar Reflections has been testing and installing security film systems for over 35 years. We have used bats, axes, sledge hammers and yes even guns in our real world testing.  We have tested every manufacturers film multiple times along with every attachment system and glass type available. We have the knowledge and experience to help you devise a plan that meets your security needs when it comes to glass. We are known world wide for supplying the very best nanotechnology glass systems available.