Protecting the Privacy of Your Clients and Business with Frosted Window Films by Solar Reflections in Birmingham Al



A conference room or a meeting room are often the places where important decisions are made. Business arrangements are agreed upon, business deals settled, and private details disclosed. This is why the walls, windows, and doors of these rooms should provide maximum privacy!


Keeping Current Aesthetic with Updated Look


Many current conference and meeting rooms have glass walls, windows, and doors to offer the modernized, visual trend. While these are great to have for lighting and look, they are not so great for the security of the meetings. This is where our team comes in! We offer high quality window film installations to keep those meetings confidential and private. More than just delivering privacy, we also showcase custom frosted and etched looks to create a cohesive blending with the décor already in place in your office. There are striping details, etched designs, and even lettering that can be utilized to shade the business with, and promote the brand of your office throughout!


Photo Gallery- Take a Look!


In the image above, you see a window film package that was installed in a conference room. These window films are a great example that share the classy and sophisticated appeal that is paired with shading to keep the interior privacy protected. A win all around, and available to your office!


Make the First Step


The first step to investing in your own custom window film installation for your conference or meeting room is the call. Pick up the phone, and reach out to our professionals to schedule a free consultation! This assessment will determine the necessary details such as glass measurements, design ideas, budget, and end goals. With this information, we will formulate a plan for the best product, installation methods, and services to get your needs met head on!


Would you like to know more about the advantages that are specifically offered to your office with these window films? Are you interested in hearing about other window film solutions for your office? Call us today, and we will get you one step closer to your window film journey!


Written by: Solar Reflections – Birmingham, Alabama