Birmingham, AL – Supply Your Business Park with a Window Treatment that is Effective and Affordable: Huper Optik


Have you been considering the advantages that are offered with window film installations? These products are a great addition to any type of building or business, and a business park is no exception. They are an inexpensive solution to a multitude of issues, while offering convenience of choice, installation, and maintenance.


Choices Available


These products have options that suit any industry, building location, or issue. Some of our films are often used for their decorative appeal with the frosted and etched look that is usually only achieved with messy and costly materials. Our films reach that point at a less expensive price, and no installation mess. Other films are available with a colored or dark tinting to lower incoming light levels to prevent glare and solar radiation. There are even transparent films that offer the same benefits with complete optical clarity!


Installation Options


The installation process for these films is straight forward. Once you decide on a product, we give you an estimate of the time it will take to complete the project. We agree on a day, and then get to work. With an ease in application, the average install takes less than one day. Once the film is in place, there is no worry of peeling, bubbling, or rough edges. Over time, many people like to change over their chosen look, or need a specific film. The current film can be easily removed, with no damage to the underlying surface, and be ready for the new film soon after. Talk about convenience!


Maintenance and Quality


One of our client’s favorite things about our window films is the quality. These films will not begin to peel off from the sun, scratch from blown sand or dirt, or bubble from weather erosion. They will maintain their quality over time, and come clean with the simplest pass of soap and water!


Have you been looking for a solution for your business park that is inexpensive, convenient, and able to be customized? Would you like to learn more about the window film products and services that we have available? Contact our team today, and we will get you started on your one of a kind window film adventure!


Written by: Solar Reflections – Birmingham, Alabama